Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More of Eli on Ice at Sant John's and failed Pysanky

We Took Elias to Saint Johns to play on the Ice but it was making all manner of noises and so we didn't go out too far. There is a chapel at the far end of the lake that is much easier to gt too if you can walk across. Blow are some pictures of the Abbey Church which in keeping with the seventies/ eighties style of catholic curches as evidenced by the cathedral of San Francisco. They attempt to make concrete look organic. [A note from your friendly family liturgist: Although it is not clear as to whether or not Eikon has a favorable oppinion of the Abbey Church, he is inccorrect in saying that it is " in keeping with the seventies/eighties style of church architecture." In fact, this structure is pre-vatican II, offering tremendous forsight as to what would unfold at the Vatican Council. Instead of the monks facing each other, the antiphonal is set so that they curve allowing the monks to face each other, the altar, and the faithful assembly. There are no altar rails, There is a marvelous wall of stained glass that gives fantastic lighting, and an enormous organ, as well. ]

It is a rather stunning building.

A few Nights ago I decided to make pysanky using a technique I am unfamiliar with. Basically you strip away the outer layer of a shell using vinegar and pattern using the wax relief in reverse. Unfortunately it failed but I will persevere.

Tommorow begins the holiday work experience which lasts until Christmas eve in seven hour chunks at a time. Then off to Iowa and then off to PA.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Thursday, December 14, 2006

so terribly adorable

Ok again with the dog. I know. But they are adorable cuddling together. Eli likes to lie on his back.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


So every now and then I surf through the google sites to see what they're up to. Well this is the latest, from any cell phone text the number googl (so the numbers that corospond to googl) and t9 your querie. For example weather 56303 would return weather reports for St. Cloud. Define Christmas would be returned with an explanation of Christmas.

Scary. Huh?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

It sure is advent. . .

Here is a picture of the church In St. Cloud where I practice organ. It's not very clear, I was just amused by the primacy of the advent wreath.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Woe to The Ukrainain Womens Guild of Cleveland

I have been led astray. Having put my holiday potluck aspirations in the Hands of the 1974 post 14 League of Ukrainan Womens Guild and having followed their recipe exactly it has turned
out ugly. It tastes good but is very ugly.

What's more I gave them the benfit of the doubt having used and failed at this recipe twice before. Well theat guy who wrote all the chinese proverbs is laughing at me. The dough always needs more liquid and then the filling is too eggy. I wish I had either of my grandmother's recipes.



Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree!

Eikon and I decorated our first Christmas tree tonight. My mother gave me a box of ornaments. Some of them were Christmas gifts from her, others were from my grandma's tree which I helped to decorate every year. It was sort of wierd, I felt like I was hanging my life on the tree - and at the same time there was a sense of what Mom wanted for me, along the way. The musical instrument ornaments, a collections of clowns. . .well anyway, there was something very sentemental about this ritual that reminded me of my childhood.

It wasn't always good, per-se. I always remember wanting my mom to be as excited about decorating for Christmas as I was - but she wasn't. I imagine she was sad about not being around her sisters - and maybe her parents being gone. Anyway, I was always the Christmas person around the house - make that psycho-christmas decorating boy.
I hang myself on a tree,
like Jesus,
but no blood-
and little redemption.