Sunday, October 22, 2006


It's been a very busy week. Last monday Fred flew into town, so we spent a lot of time showing him around (and eating good food!). On Thursday we drove down to Iowa to get ready for my mom's birthday. On the way, we picked up my sister Maria and her baby Maia. They were a surprise and I think mom really enjoyed it. On Friday, Jason and I spent most of the day in the kitchen making big pans of lasagne and all the fixings. It was fun. Here are pictures, selected by Eikon.
Here's a picture of the kitchen/dining room. I'm not sure why Jason took it. It's not very good. The two ladies are mom's sisters. They look annoyed.

This picture is of a tractor pulling corn on the way home. We thought it might amuse you east-coasters.
Here is my lovely mother in her red hat.

Here are her old fart sandals.
Here's my mom with Maia.

Maia liked Eli a lot.

Maia's first piano lesson
Boy does she love it.
Mom gave jason this dutch oven as a thank you for dinner. It's huge!
Here are the big kids enjoying the birthday dinner.
Grandma, Maia, and Eli - trio in crime.
We found a sculpture of a dog with his leg lifted when we were in Des Moines. I thought we would reinact is with our puppy. The Photographer didn't do a good job.

Here's a cute picture of Eli. Eikon was too lazy to flip it so just turn your head.
Love Flopper