Sunday, October 08, 2006

Woodcutters and on the Needles and out of Work

So we went to Woodcutters ever so briefly with Elias who seemed to really enjoy kawashaway. We had lovely conversation with Kiva and to a little walk along the temperance where we promptly lost our gentle leader dog leash. I decided to come home with Flopper rather than have him drive the 2 hours to Duluth to get me on Monday and because I had work on Monday. Getting home and checking my messages I found that I no longer have work on Moday as they have decided to let me go. I kept forgetting (twice) to initial for eyedrops and foot cream and apparantly company policy is strict about these things. So back to the job hunt. It seems I have a comission for a hat and Flopper's sister in law Terri has informed me e of a craft show that she holds and suggested I might do eggs. I could probably put together a few dozen ormnament quality eggs before then but haven't decided whether it would be cost effective. 40 hours of labour with 30 percent of the take being given to the house and maybe 50 dollars of supplies. I could make maybe 300 . Oh well it is something to ponder. I am currently working on a baby blamket, a scarf, and two pairs of socks.