Friday, March 30, 2007

My High School is Closing

Cardinal Brennan the High School I went to will be closing at the end of this year. A few words about my school. I graduated in a class of 38 people in an area where academics are a joke. CB had two feeder districts North Schuylkill (where I spent one disastrous semester) and Shenandoah Valley (with standardized test scores so low they are laughable) this coupled with the economic despair of the region has sealed the fate of the school that for the past 60 years has served the Coal Region. There just aren't enough people with money there.

I was one of the three poorest kids (Megan, Isac, Me) in my class and going to school with sons and daughters of lawyers, doctors, and business men coupled with the prodding of Fred was the primary reason I went to college. That and the fact that it was expected by my teachers.

I remember climbing the cherry trees in the front and having lunch out on the lawn in spring.
I was the sacristan in the school chapel and was forever skipping classes to iron altar garments, much to the bemusement of the faculty. Periodically someone would sneak into the bell tower to ring it, a feat accomplished with lock picking or cutting. The loss of this school saddens me immeasurably and is one more knell tolling the death of my home region. Plus it was a beautiful place to go to school for 4 years.

Here is a blog dedicated to the Brennan saga.