Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hemp Hat

I've been all about the Hempathy lately(its hemp, cotton, and modal; what is modal?). This hat is 120 stitches on 3's around and is K2 P2 with a cable on the rib every 4th row. I used the needleless cabling method that I saw in passing regarding the "Shifting Sand Scarf" that Brooklyn Tweed did a few months back and thought this was a good opportunity to learn it.

I made it for Flopper to wear while biking because his hair is just the right thickness for bugs to get caught in it instead of glancing off. This hat is an attempt avoid this fate.

The reductions started as one every needle every three rows and then carried for about 4 inches. I then switched to a reduction every two rows finishing off with one every row. I don't really like the top but the hat was getting too long. As it stands it looks cute on Flopper and hopefully will not be too warm.

I have three hats lined up and am looking forward to them.