Friday, May 25, 2007

A quick Minneapolis Trip

We went into the city last night and stayed as usual with the ever kind and inestimable Redwing. Thursday evening we saw the Notre Dame Folk Choir. We went with Two Bears who seemed glad for our company if indifferent about the music.

Awaking early in a lovely manner (air mattresses are not stable) we went to drop off tomatoes to a few faeries and subsequently acquired more. My tomatoes were rather small in comparison to the other faeries tomatoes and I was slightly embarrassed though pleased to aquire a few more tomato varieties (we now have six types).

Flopper and I parted ways; the in the van to get Ellen (pictured above with Flopper) and I on my bike in a valiant attempt to avoid the Mall of America which for some particularly cruel reason visitors to MN want to see.

I explored the city on my bike and made a few purchases.

This mitten book has my heart aflutter and I look forward to churning out a few Latvian mittens ere winter returns .

The charts are amazing and the color pictures are really rather impressive.

And of course whenever I go into civilization I get a bit of odd queer theory to read (the sock is what I'm working on at the moment: It's made of soy silk, wool, and chitin from crab shells.) Gay and Gaia. Now how could I pass that up?

And of course here is the requisite picture of Eli in which Flopper seems to be about to crush him.