Friday, July 21, 2006

A Plethora of Apartment Kitsch Pictures

One of my greatest pleasures lies in the arranging of all of my kitsch in lots of little nooks and arrangements. So this post will consist of my various arrangements throughout the apartment taken on our terrible digital camera.

I have been collesting various implements of tea for about six years noww and have some lovely pievces though they tend to collect dust as I seldom use them.

Here on one of our old army chests are my old RFD's (courtesy of Dan) and a few shards that Flopper's mother liberated from several archeological sites in Israel and Egypt. My favourite is a shard from Masada.

This is one of our wall pieces ; it consists of Nickel Silver and Bronze Chainmail I made last year and a dish that Floppers parents brought home from greece during their travels.

I love my Drum and am greatly looking forward to the Lammas Gathering where I will use it. Also pictured aare my tambourine and my odd gourd presented to me courtesy of Weird Wayne. It is a terribly noisy gourd but handmade and quite pretty.

This is our little door altarsito with Flopper's great grandfather's casket set, our Poppea rose under one of my broken crystal goblets,an Olive wood staue from the Holy Land given to Flopper by his sister,and the stanard salt and bread bowl.

The requisite bowl of pysanky.

This is my corner table Which has my boxes and Go sets. The lamp ,which i think i pulled out a dumpster, is sitting on an old form box from Flopper's father's law firm. I shamelessly stole the idea of storing flatware in such thngs from Christian at the Hermitage and now keep the gold and Silver plate in it.

My incense /candle altar thingie is draped with some lace courtesy of Flopper's mother. I tend to burn charcoal in an alabaster bowl which sits atop a candleholder that Flopper got for me two weeks into our relationship for my 21st birthday (He was being Cheap) the candleholder in turn sits atop a brass plate given to me by Apeliotes.

A top our TV (an Iowan special bequeathed to us by the parents of Flopper) is a piece of desert glass I got when I was in high school, a painting Flopper did in High school, and fially mammoth candlesticks from Floppr's mom ( who as you can tell loves to give us stuff).

Hope you've enjoyed our kitsch,

Hugs and kitsches,