Saturday, July 08, 2006

Right on Target

Hi my name is Flopper and I'm an animal abuser. I just can't help it. I give my dog too many treats, I take him everywhere, I force him to play in the dog park, I make him run after balls. This all needs to stop today. I need to be more righteous and caring for the sake of my dog.
Maybe i'll paint a big ugly red stripe around his eye and then do makeup testing on him. . . That would be better.
Yeah so anyway, what the hell was that (previous post)? It was a little warm out yesterday, but we left our windows down and it was very breezey and most of the glass is very dark in teh van. When we got in the car, I think it was cooler than target. And seriously, if we were abusing the dog - would we have come to the front of the store? Would we have said, "Oh I had no idea it was hot out, thank you so much o wise and all knowing target worker. We'll take care of it right away."
The security gaurd in blocking the van was like, "Just making sure he's not too hot or panting." How could he possibly do that? You can barely even see through the windows. When we got back into the car, he was just chilling out in the back seat.