Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Weird Cast Iron

While in the hometown of Flopper I have made it my custom to stop at a local antiques store. This is because I am a absoloute whore when it comes to cast iron anything. Now for 12 of Flopper's mother's dollars (I need to send her a thank you). I think it is Indian in origin as it has some rather indian looking script on it but also arabic numbers and most strangely a peace symbol which as I understand it is of Indian origin.

Here is a hat I made From some cashmere and Malabrigo Angora on 6s. The black cashmere rim is big enough to fold over my ears and I intend this to be my "God why did I move to this frigid hell?!?" hat.
And here are pictures of me and Elias cuddling; he's so cute.