Friday, January 26, 2007

Debussy's "Noel des engants qui n'ont plus de maisons"

So I've been thinking about my recital lately. I have a year to prepare, and I think I'm goign to do Christmas: Sacred and Profanus. I'm really excited. My voice teacher told me about this song by Debussy. I found it today in the CUA library. It's - er - well, lets just say Debussy wrote the words and not Hugo or some other famous french poet. It's a World War II piece that I have yet to research musicology, but it's in my recital. Here is the english translation on the score. Enjoy!

We have no more house nor home! Enemies took all we had; all gone, all gone, even our own little bed!
The school they burnt' our teacher too.
They burnt the church and also the Lord Jesus Christ,
The poor old beggar too who could not get a way.
Enemies took all we ha;d all gone, all gone, even our own little bed!
Surely daddy to fight has gone, poor mummy is in heaven! died and did not see all this. O! What shall we do now
Noel Noel! Little Jesus!
Do not go to them
don't go back to them ever! Punish them all!
Avenge the chidlren of France! The little Belgians, the litlte Serbians and the polish children too!
this gets better and better.
yet should we some forget, pray forgive us. Noel! noel! No toys! We want no toys!
JohnMarkRobert: But may we please get back again our daily bread.
JohnMarkRobert: We have no more house nor bed. Noel1 Listen to us! Our wooden shoes we have no more, So please give Victory to the Child of france.