Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We've Made Our Own Investigations and Bring You Our Nominees!

So I was drifting of to sleep in the arms of Flopper and I was awoken by a phone call saying I had work from midnight to six AM. So here I sit listening to Albert Herring
by the inestimable Benjamin Brittens
and earning the looks of confusion from the undergrads.

While we were in DC Flopper played the Vicar and so I was forcefed this opera concernign the trials and tribulations of on Albert Herring who is chosen by the town council of Loxford in Eastern Suffolk to be May King as all the girls "stinks of sensual shame." So the hoplessly repressed Albert is dressed up "like a blinking swan" to "Teach those girls a lesson" he gets drunk on spiked lemonade and has a grand old time. Unfortunately everyone thinks he is dead and so proceed to have a funeral for him after a lengthy search of a few hours. Albert returns relates his sordid tale of nocturnal bebauchery and chases of the Victorian relics that run Loxford.

Above is a picture of the premier cast in 1947.

Tis a delightful opera with some lovely muscial themes and a style hearkening to Gilbert and Sullivan in character but significantly better in quality. I am enjoying myself in any case.