Thursday, January 25, 2007

Washington D.C., Sweet Washington D.C.

I thought this was sort of an odd sign as I entered the security check at the Minneapolis Airport. Just so you know. . . The Bendare Ngurah Rai International Airport is not secure! Thanks T.S.A.!

Anyway, I'm in D.C. thanks to my lovely church which sent me here to attend a colloquium on Sunday-Tuesday. I'm really excited about the colloquium, but am equally excited just to be in D.C.

Yesterday, I visited Dan at the new and acclaimed "Cardinal's Nest" right behind his house in Brookland. The area is really blooming - they now have 2 coffee shops, several bars, and organic food store, and much more. It will be itneresting to see what happens to the area over the next 25 years.

Anyway, it was good to catch up with Dan. I then went to eat dinner in Adams Morgan at the Amesterdam Fellafel House, a marijuana themed (strangly enough) establishment that makes amazing fallafel (how's that spelling?). I picked some up and went to Niko's apartment, which is where I'm staying for the weekend. It was great catching up with him too, and talking about liturgical translation. :-)

This morning I traveled to CUA to visit a few people. I caught up with one of my italian teachers, Deanne at summer opera (sounds like they really have it going on!) and Rachel in the music library. The music library always receives donations of music, much of which they already have, thus sell for budget money. They had a huge collection of hymnals. I bought myself Hymnal 1982, Hymnal 1940, and the 1980s version of Lutheran Book of Worship.
I'm excited.

What's next? After I leave the coffee shop, I will head off to get my hair cut by David. David how i've missed thee! I'm already spending too much money and I haven't been here 24 hours. Ouch!