Monday, February 26, 2007

My Evening Labours

I guard the front desk of a dorm in Saint Cloud. It's a rousing six hours from midnight to 6 am. I knit a lot but this evening turned to one of my earlier crafts. I broke out the beads.

The necklace with pendant is moss agate for the light green, Japanese terra cotta beads for the dark green and a slice of moss agate for the light green.

I restrung my favorite strand of amber and put together a new strand of blue freshwater pearls.

I made two bracelets. The turquoise is a combination of round and tube turquoise seed beads in three strands , they are different lengths so it fits flat on my wrist and has two rings because I ran out of one of the types of seed bead and didn't ant to ruin the pattern. The silver and purple is hematite and amethyst which I got two years ago in San Francisco.

I love shiny stones.