Sunday, February 11, 2007

Polenta and The Ancient Game of Go According to the Inestimable Flopper

So I tried my hand at the making of polenta a described by the most admirable Woolgatherer .

In Vukinyebinya Podunk Lake Woebegone , Mn they don't do gorgonzola and so I substituted Gruyere and altered the spicing a bit.

We had them with Biscuits. which I have a lovely recipe for taken from a colonial shortcake in my Williamsburg cookbook.

After an intermission from Flopper he returned and we decided to play a game. I pulled the Go board off the side table and decided to teach him to play one of my favourite games.

He instituted a "I get to place two stones whenever you place one" rule Resulting in the above mess.

Fortunately I gracefully admitted defeat when he started eating the stones.