Monday, April 23, 2007


Now on the way to school I bike by the used bookstore in town. A gem of a little store that is only slightly over priced in the arena of hard covers I avoided going in on the way to school but succumbed to temptation on the way back.

I went in to get this book; an old favorite. I'm a dork.

Then I saw this on the clearance rack and really just had to have it in hard cover for 2 dollars. I'm a historical Dork

Then I turned around and the God of Books Smiled On me.
There was this title in the mythology section.
I pulled it off the shelf and saw this cover.
Opened it and saw this table of contents and info page.

And shouted "YES!" in the very quiet bookstore.

That was before I saw the plates.

I have problems , book problems.