Wednesday, April 04, 2007

F&E Officially Endorses Bill Richardson

It seems like everytime I bring up Bill Richardson to one of my friends or family members, they agree with me. "He probably is the best candidate, but he has no chance against Hil and Obama."

At the risk of being Kucinichesque, I say, "It doesn't have to be."

I think, if our country remains in the present state, we are sure to win the next presidential election against any candidate. This means to me, that we ought not to look for the most famous, attractive person for the job, but the best.

Bill Richardson's experience is on the international, national, and state level. His vast ocean of experience is large enough to drown any of the other candidates. Go to his website - and read about him. . . He's really got to be the best candidate for the 2008 elections!

(Ok, so I'm forcing Eik to join in the endorsement. I'm sure he doesn't mind, he's too busy in the kitchen.)