Thursday, April 19, 2007

Paschal Pictures

Courtesy of RedWing (pictured above with Eli)who offered up his kitchen to my cooking here are some pictures of our Easter dinner.

I made the usual Easter goodies and there were a number ok kind gentlemen in attendance.
Here I am being grumpy and tired of cooking while Flopper looks ? quizical? or alluring? (I'm not sure what that expression is.

Here's Redwing peering between my dark chocolate raspberry crepe cake and the pascha.

My Pysanky were the center piece for the dinner table and were flanked by apricot preserves for the pascha and horseraddish for the hrutka.

After dinner we had a pysanky workshop that David, Timothy, Tallgrass, Twilight, and another David? (I'm terrible at names) participated in and created some lovely eggs.

Finally Flopper , Eli, ad myself had a cuddle session that redwing was compelled to photograph.
(Again I am not certain what Flopper is doing)

It was a lovely evening.