Friday, April 20, 2007


Ah yes, It's my new bike. At the risk of sounding like a vain teenager, I wasn't going to post this picture because I look so fat in it. But then I thought, now you can all see me lose weight.

I was as trim as I had ever been, when I met Eikon, and it went all downhill from there, althought it got significantly better once he got me on a bike. We biked EVERYWHERE in d.c. and I absolutely loved it, and it kept me in pretty good shape. Just before we left the city, my Bianchi had decided that it's life was over. I rode it to death. Thus I haven't biked for about a year now.

I'm so happy to have my Janus coda, I bike almost everywhere (OK, school is a little to far).

Here's my mileage for the week.

Lake Wobegon Trail Ride - 12 miles
Trip to downtown- 1 Mile
Trip to downtown again - 1 mile

no time for biking

Lake Wobegon trial ride -10 miles
Trip to the YMCA - 1 mile

To work 6miles

To work 6 miles

To work 6 miles
To downtown 1 mile

To YMCA 1 mile

Total 45! I think! Yay biking.

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