Saturday, August 26, 2006

Class begins soon Thank God

I find myself looking forward to the start of classes with more fervor then I ever mustered in DC. Ithink this is because in Dc I fit classes into a schedule tha t revolved foremost around my man and then my friends. Truth be told there is only so much time you can get away with bothering your partner and when that is exausted it is neccesary to find alternate means of occupying ones time. I tend to be a dork and go downtown to the game store. Unfortnately this is my ony form of entertainment and hs long since been exhausted of any novelty and is fast approaching the limits of it entertainment value as a whole.

It was easy to be impovershed in DC. By impoverished I mean living off 20,000 a year which is I know not reallyimpoverished but when was te last time you worked on a 500 dollar a month budget after rent? Hopefully not since college. There was plenty to do in DC and getting to do it was cheap. Here everything costs money, be it for gas or simply to go do something. And it is not yet winter. My onsolation at ths point is the sheer number of courses I am taking will keep me occupied until I depart Saint Cloud.