Sunday, August 20, 2006

Coffee so fresh, it should be slapped. . .

I haven't given a "shout out" yet to our local coffee place. Eikon and I love the Mississippi Bean and Tea Co. It can be found in downtown St. Cloud. St. Cloud is a scary case of suburban sprawl, so whenever possible we try to support buisnesses that are not chain that actually bothered to locate in the original downtown, which has theatres, restaurants, bars, and our lovely coffee shop. The shop has a lot of work by local artists for sale, including a second floor art gallery. The building is old, and the walls are scraped for the classic vintage brick look. Their baristas are all adorable too. Anyway, we love it and spend too much time and money there. I'm sure the owners aren't complaining.

And the best part is the t-shirt they're selling: