Sunday, August 13, 2006


For those of you who are somehow unaware of my loose affiliation with the Radical Faeries I would suggest looking them up online as they are a funny little queer subculture. Think earth cruchy faggots in dresses in the woods and you get the idea. The thursday before last Nathan (now known as Peach much to his chagrin) and Drew (Cheddar) , both pictured above, went off to Kawashaway for a week of merriment. Kawashaway is the Farie Sanctuary maintained by the Northwoods Tribe of Radcal Faeries and hosts two major gatherings a year.

Kawahaway is a small piece of land that is in the middle of nowhere. Roughly it is located about twenty miles or so north of Finland Minnesota which is in turn located an hour or so north on Duluth. The roads are unpaved and there are probably a dozen year round residents within a 15 mile radius of the sanctuary. There are two main buildings on the land.

The cabin and the screen house which each reside in their own clearinggs but to even get to anything you must first walk over the bog walk. A lovely if now somewhaat in need of repair structure. The truly impressive thing about Kawashaway is that everything built on the land has to be carted in by hand over the bog walk.

The bog walk is about 80 feet long , 4 feet wide and rest on a series of submerged cedar logs that were taken from the land.

The land is off the grid so hot water comes from Lola and Trixie, two oil drums, and is combined in Blanche , the frigid bitch, in order to make shower water.

All of the water is pumped by hand and the full body workout that ensues is delightful. This is of course

The toilet is an outhouse , this gathering reading materials in the outhouse consisted of about a dozen bambi books, positioned off the main glade so as to avoid the smell that results from thirty men doing their business.

Everyone camps at one of the campsites along the princess path and we were luck enough to get a location that was relatively close to the glades though there are faeries that prefer a more isolated area.

There is drumming almost everynight around the fire circle.

And an absoloutly beautiful little clearing with a large rock for rituals; I installed a small shrine to Gabriel there and will hopefully add something else my next visit.