Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Two Hat Day

So today after interviewing at McDonald's ( leave me alone it is a job) I wandered over to Bonnie's spinning wheel and bought some angora which was titled "Billly Blue". I then returned home and spent the rest of the day , maybe 10 hours, Knitting these hats. I think I may have to rework the solid one's reductions as I don't like how it tapers. Both were 56 stitches on 11's for 7" then the reduction. The solid one is for Flopper and consists of Angora and a merino I have had forever while the striped hat is comprised of the aformentioned yarns and an Icelandic wool. The striped hat will be gifted to Peatmoss who departs on friday for a semester in Sweden and so will need it. I'll drop it off on the way to Chicago tommorow morning.