Saturday, June 23, 2007

Elias the Rottcollie?

So, eiKonnie goes to this gay barber in Minneapolis that is a show dog judge. Since he's quite fond of the canine species he allows customers to bring their dogs into the shop. Apparently he told Jason that we had been misinformed regarding the breedmix of Eli. We were told when we adopted him that he was a rottwiler/shepherd mix. According to Barber Show-dog judge. says that Eli is probably part collie.
I do say, I was quite surprised. We've always sort of ignored Eli's description because he's not big enough to be a mix of the first two breeds. I guess we figured he was some sort of farm mutt. And that he is. Apparently his form, especially his back legs are much like a collie body:

Apparently, so too are his ears collie like. I'm not sure if I see it.

Apparently his temperament is pretty similar. The reputable wikipedia states:

Collies are known to be generally sweet and protective. They are generally easy to train due to a high level of intelligence and a willingness to please. Some collies are a bit clingy, but this is often seen as an overdeveloped sense of loyalty. They are excellent herding dogs and benefit from the companionship of a family or other dogs. Collies are very playful and gentle around children. They can also exhibit a strong herding instinct, especially around children.
Sweet - check
Protective - check
Intelligence - not so much
Clingy - Check
Herder - Check
Playful with kids - Check

~~~~Eikon's Addendum

My barber said border collie ( which is similar to but a different breed than the standard collie which is basically a border collie crossed with borzoi two centuries or so ago) and in reviewing Eli's original paperwork his former owners claimed he could herd cows. I totally want to set him loose in a her of animals to see what he does.