Friday, June 01, 2007

Our garden at the beginning of June

So our garden is progressing nicely. I set up my stakes/strings for the tomatoes last week and am happy to report that they are growing well.

Last week when we went into Minneapolis I gave some tomatoes to friends and promptly received more than I gave. The fellow attached to the pole here is a Black Cherry Tomato and after seeing Peatmoss' garden I decided to try this technique as an experiment. I doubt I'll have this much space where ever I move next year and so am interested in conserving it. My dill patch is coming in nicely along the side of the plot and the green beans have not yet been assaulted by bunnies. We're hoping the scent of numerous dogs keeps the away.

I also got a cayenne pepper plant form Rocky who told me that they grow fine if they are in a pot; apparently they need warm soil. I bought a six pack of bell peppers at the Saint Joseph's Farmer's market and put them in today as well. Flopper really likes bell peppers and I have fond memories of having them stuffed as a child for Sunday dinner.
Most of my sunflowers were eaten by an unknown assailant but here are the two remaining ones next to my row of Brandywine Tomatoes. I planted some more and they have just come up in the past few day; I'm hoping a few of them survive as I'm rather in love with sunflowers.