Monday, June 04, 2007

Having Returned from Iowa We go to Kawashaway!

We are Back in Saint Cloud for 18 hours and then are off to Kawashaway in the glorious Northwoods. Iowa was as always lovely and I picked up a #2 Stoneware crock for making sauerkraut at an antique store in the Dying Town of Casey, IA. It was 30 dollars and I have InterLibraryLoaned the book Wild Fermentation by the Short Mountain faerie Sanderkraut to aid me in my cabbage fermenting process. Oddly enough it holds exactly 28 cups of water or 1 and 3/4 gallons. I know they didn't believe in standard sizes back in the days of yore but this strikes me as a particularly odd size.

Back in Guthrie Center I wandered into one of the local antique stores and noticed this little stack of very abused cast iron.
I have no idea what the person who desecrated these implements of culinary worship did to them but it is going to entail a few hours with steel wool and re seasoning to bring them to usability. I only really wanted the small pot and will gift the two pans to a certain faerie who will appreciate their origins and cost of less than ten dollars for all three pieces.

We are taking a round about way up to Finland, MN this time. We both wanted to see the Iron range towns and will go through Chisholm and Ely and then swing down to the Northshore in time to set up camp and go to sleep.

Lots of love and expect many photos,