Saturday, June 16, 2007

One year of Elias

This week we celebrate our one year aniversary. It was a year ago that we rescued him from the Humaine Society. Upon reflecting on our year together, I have come to be most grateful for his dutiful cuddling and his unconditional love. Those of you who read, know that we're not the biggest fan of St. Closet. In fact, our lives are generally unhappy here - but having something that needs us so much is so fulfilling. I guess, I could even say that Elias' presence has in many ways saved us from the monotony of the bland lives we live.

Anyway, here's a quick recap of our year together. May we have many more happy years with Elias.

Stoic in the snow.
Holy Thursday good shepherd pose.

Another model pose from Elias, he could be a pro.
He hasn't grown much since we got him at 8 months. He's still a skinny thing, and maintains a very shiny and soft coat. Hmm. . . a fur coat. . .
Eli wet at the dog park.

Eli's adorable, give me some, look.

Sometimes when Eik gets out of bed, Elias isn't ready to get up yet.

We're all about afternoon cuddle sessions.

Our christmas picture.