Friday, July 20, 2007


According to the Coal Speak Dictionary Flitch is :

flitch : candy made of peanut butter rolled up in a mixture of mashed potatoes (yes, mashed potatoes) and powdered sugar. Often sold at block parties and church/school functions.

Now my family didn't make flitch though I have vague recollections of my Aunt Barbie having it at her house in Aristes.

First you dice and boil a single potato. One is more than enough; and a small potato at that. I made way too much potato.

Mash it.

And Mix in about a pound of powdered sugar until it is stiff like a cookie dough.

Roll it out between two layers of wax paper at about a quarter of an inch and spread peanut butter (CHUNKY) in a thin layer over it. Now I think that I should have chilled the potatoes first as my roll is no nearly as lovely as what I remember as a child.

Then roll up the flitch using the wax paper as a lead and separating the potato fudge from the wax paper with a knife if need be.

The roll needs to chill for a few hours and can be cut and served. This is a summer party staple in the Coal Region. My roll is of dubious authenticity as I recall the flitch of my youth having peanut butter as the outside layer and being an almost perfect spiral but this stuff tastes good in any case.

Now the question is what to I do with all of it. I can't possibly eat it all and Flopper is dieting.