Thursday, July 26, 2007

Flopper's Birthday

Flopper is 24!

For his birthday we're going to go see 1776 at the Guthrie Theater tomorrow night.

Now Flopper is dieting but every man deserves a cake on his birthday.

I don't know how to make cake really ( I stick to deathly fattening tortes) but in our cooking arsenal we have a copy of the parish cookbook from Flopper's place of birth Guthrie Center , Iowa. I thought it fitting to use a recipe from there and after passing up anything entailing a boxed mix (I love Midwestern cooking) I settled on "Mom's Chocolate Cake".

I got the icing recipe from the St Mary's cookbook and in a fit of whimsy constructed this.

It's double layered with the center soaked in the strawberry syrup I made a few weeks ago.

I bet Flopper will like it.