Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Garden at the Beginning of July

So the garden has prospered in this past month.

I walked out tis afternoon to look at my plants and was happy to see my little pepper plant producing. I've never grown peppers before and so didn't know what to expect.

The Basil and Eggplants are thriving and while many of my marigolds did not sprout seven or eight did; I'm hoping they ward off the evil bunnies who will want to get at my eggplants.

My green peppers are each growing happily and all have flowers ; this one has an oddly curved onion flower about to bloom behind it.

Speaking of onion flowers, I personally think they are rather lovely.

Though I really like tomato flowers they have such an expectant smell. Here are a few on one of my brandywine plants.

All of the Roma and Pear tomato plants have fruits on them.

The Pears are easy to see though you have to dig around in the foliage for the Romas.

I was very happy to see the first Brandywine Fruit and noticed one on My Kellogg's Breakfast plant. That leaves the Black cherry tomato (which finally has flowers) and the Zebra Roma's as the last plants to develop fruit.

My Dill has made a come back and I hope to have enough to make pickles in a few weeks when the first cucumbers hit the market. I'm a little concerned that it has already gone to flower but I think it will be ok.

Finally in obeisance to Flopper's Iowan heritage he planted a very late row of corn that we may or may not see any sweet corn from. The rows in the fields are easily thrice as high as our little guys but we can hope.

With much gardening love,