Saturday, July 21, 2007


Pickles are ridiculously simple to make.

Well brine pickles; I suppose canning the pickles would extend their life span but am illing to bet they'll last a few months in the fridge without it.

This recipe is courtesy of the book Wild Fermentation ; Which I have now bought.

So a number of little cucumbers plus a cup of kosher salt to maybe a gallon of water.

I now have a five gallon crock thanks to our dear friend Dan that cost less than my 2 gallon crock. (miso is soon to come). I opted to use one of my big moving Tupperware containers to try to cut out the bad smell aspect that bothered Flopper when I made sauerkraut.

Toss all of that into a the crock and put a plate on top of it to prevent any of the cucumbers from floating to the service. I added black pepper, 3 heads of dill, coriander, and a dozen cloves of garlic as well.

Then put a gallon glass jug filled with water in to weight it down.
They should start being pickles in a week or two and then I'll put them in mason jars in the fridge before giving them away and schlepping some across country. I suspect I'll get 4 or five liter jars with a break down cost of maybe 3 dollars each (2 of which are from the jar itself). Not bad considering Bubbie's costs 8 dollars for a similarly sized jar.