Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Concerning the "Grasshopper Chapel" and the "Cold Spring Bakery"

Today after a sociology class where in my professor confided to us that if she is tickled long enough she farts Flopper came along with Elias to pick me up from campus. He met Nathan, a sweet queerling if ever there was one and who attends my sociology course, and we then proceeded to Cold Spring because we heard that there was a good bakery there.

Flopper had been informed of the existence of this bakery by an Episcopalian liturgy student who , if his girth was any indication, was all to familiar with the pleasures of the bakery. It was a sizable bakery in a rather small town that included all manner off Germanic yumminess. Not the least of these Aryan concoctions was a custard eclair that I consumed while waiting in line.

We then proceeded to the "Grasshopper Chapel". Apparently at somepoint in the 1860's there was a plague of locusts descending on Stearns County, Minnesota that would have wiped out the crops. Via a purported act of Divine Aptmospheric Interference a thunderstorm blew away the grasshoppers and the people rejoiced. They also built a chapel. Unfortunately that chapel was destroyed by a tornado in 1898. However in 1950 the local priest got it into his head to build a replacement. The exterior is very cute but the interior was entirely constructed of granite and is almost vault like. The rafters were Redwood and quite lovely but all in all it was to austere for my tastes.