Monday, June 19, 2006

Trials and tribulations at Saint Cloud State University

The financial Aid department at this university is easily the biggest nuisance I have yet to encounter in my educational process. I have revised and resent FAFSA's at least four times. What is worse I don't even have my parents sign anything that does not involve money; generally I just sign it for them as I find that it is easier than sending things to Pennsylvania. So now apparantly there is a discrepency between the number of people living at the house on one form and the number on another. This further delays the coming of college loan money which I use for all manner of things not the least of which being providing a semblance of balance in the household expenditures. I dislike when Flopper pays for everything.

It seems that our deposit from the DC house shall soon be returning if not in full then in a majority and that money will pay for the next few months rent and finally getting us a couch. In any case the Financial Aid office has promised that I will get money eventually.

Now I just need to get hold of someone at the Admissions office to see whther or not they granted me instate tuition or not. If they didn't then I will have a whole other series of problems to deal with as tuition is doubly expensive at a state school for out of state people.

In any case their recuiting propaganda leaves much to be desired. The guy in this picture looks stoned or at the very least dazed.