Sunday, June 18, 2006


Hello Everyone! It's such a relief to be here, back on the World Wide Web. I'm sure that you are all just enduring excruciating angst, not knowing exactly what is going on in our lives! Well, we've moved to St. Cloud, MN, in a cute little duplex 4 blocks from the Mississippi and across the street from a cute little park.

We've also adopted an adorable 8 month old puppy. He's "mixed-breed" for insurance purposes, but between the two of us, he's German shepherd and rotwiler. He's the sweetest little dog in the world. He absolutely loves attention, and only misbehaves when we're not home (i.e. destroying the house, breaking vases, etc). We were originally going to name whatever puppy we would get Moisha, (Slavic for Moses), but on the way to the humane society shelter, I suggested Elias, (Many other languages use Elias instead of Elijah). Little Ely is a darling. Can you resist those puppy eyes? He wants a treat . . . he really wants a treat.