Friday, June 23, 2006

History Guidance, Farmers Market, Pride tomorrow!!!

Today I went to met with the advisor for my degree at SCSU and found it to be an all around annoying experience. Apparently professors are used to being treated with some level of deference here and the woman was already annoyed at me for haggling with her over credits earlier in the year. After me bitching a bit and she being affronted and irate we settled into getting everything worked out and came to the conclusion that yes I could get the work done for the degree in the time I wanted. I tend to dislike anyone who thinks they can lord over me.

Prior and directly after my counseling experience I went to the GLBT center on campus and met a random gay boy who was rather awkward and extremely Lutheran and a nice lesbian. Nathan (ever the politician) was chatting it up with some guy in student government. After a bit of kabitzing with the queers I went home to find the rent deposit from DC had arrived and we went to the Farmer's Market.

The Farmer's Market in Saint Joseph was all right but alas they had run out of both eggs and strawberries which did not please me in the least. I had wanted to try amazing strawberry and rhubarb pie. Maybe next week.

We are putting Elias in a kennel tomorrow ( the local "Pet Day Spa: which I find amusing) and will go to Twin Cities Pride. We'll take pictures tomorrow and I'll post Sunday after DnD.