Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Liberal University

While I do not appreciate the decor of my new University I certainly appreciate the liberal bent it possesses. Right down to a GLBT office run by a faggot and not a lesbian .
The amusing thing about the liberal place is that no one really voices any real opinions so while at CUA I was constantly defending my existence in theology and philosophy classes here the act of defense appears to be viewed as tiresome.

The issue I have with all of this is that straight people never understand queerfolk and there are times I doubt the are capable of it any more than I am capable of understanding what people of color deal with. I can conjecture, hypothesize, and make a valiant effort to understand oppression directed at people outside my community(ies) but truth be told I'll never live that and so require the reminder that in Minnesota the overall high school dropout rate is 7% but the graduation rate for African Americans here is 43% one of the worst figures in the nation. But being the white boy (with some reservations for my ethnicity) I don't think of this sort of thing. Flopper brought it up today on the ride home.

In a similar manner the straight people at SCSU don't quite get it when during an exercise about stereotypes and folkways in children's literature I point out that while finding affirming female books is difficult finding affirming queer ones are damned near impossible. A dozen such books are published a year. Even in happy liberal land the happy majority needs to be aware of the minorities in their midst.