Saturday, June 24, 2006


In Minneapolis there is a giant cherry on a spoon and upon crossing the footbridge over the interstate on may reach Loring Park where for the last three decades people have been having gay pride of some sort. We left Elias in a kennel for the day and went to Pride to hang out with various and sundry Faeries.
Cicada was worn out from a night of no sleep and so wasn't about most of the day but has an exceedingly lovely home which we got to see while avoiding the first bout of rain. We found Two bears and White Ash along With Rocky and Scooter. They tied up branches with ribbons to the pavilion and Salamander. who arrived a bit after us, spent the day constructing plastic bag flowers to festoon the tent with.

Redwing arrived with prizes that we had won at the raffle during the Spirit Gathering which included a bizarre little box full of jewelry and a book of Japanese gay anime. In among the jewelry was a priceless broach.

As you can clearly see it is of a cat staring at it's reflection in a toilet bowl. Flopper was particularly excited by this and wore it for part of the day on his jeans. The weather again took a turn for the worse and the Faeries took shelter from the rain by huddling under the tent in rather close quarters.
We got tired of the rain and wanted to see the liturgy at the nearby Co Cathedral. It was lamentably bleak and so we cut out after the Liturgy of the word and went to Kramurchyk's for dinner with RedWing. I had some very yummy pirohi and borscht while Flopper got pirohi and potato leek soup. I employed some of my bastard Ukrainian and won over the waitresses but was totally out of depth when the older one started using compound sentences. I really should brush up on that language.
tomorrow I will drop Flopper off at work, get Elias, make lunch, go get Flopper, then go play DnD. Today was absolutely delightful and now I need to get to bed.