Sunday, June 25, 2006

Post Pride, but still Proud.

I just thought that I should check in and say hello. Pride was a lot of fun yesterday. I'm sad I didn't "do" more of it, but we were having fun talking to our faerie friends and such, that a barely noticed time pass by.

Besides Church, I've spent most of the day milling over Catholic Rites for Weddings and for Funerals. My professor calls the "Weapons of Mass Destruction." I'm quite certain the pun intended. Anyway, it's interesting to read both rites. The Rite for Funerals is much is by far the better rite of the two. The liturgical action just seems more lush, and the rubric around it are beautifully written, giving advice and recommendations for the consoling of the family. Meanwhile the Wedding text is doctrine city. The couple must do this, the priest can't do this if the couple did this, etc etc etc.

Given that both rites are developed from non-christian culture, I think that it really shows that burial is the more richer tradition of the two. It was expected and understood, whereas marriage was sort of added in by the church later in it's life so that it could better cover the moral ground.

Anyway, marriage only causes me to hate the church, funerals cause me to love it.

And I'm stuck.